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Growing back into the old traditions of my people

Aanii-boozhoo! My name is Calista Paul, although I must say I prefer friends to call me Callie. I'm a 22-year old mother of one crazy lil rez kid. I am also an Indigenous beading artist of Ojibwe, Algonquin and Cree descent, with ties to Temagami First Nation where I grew up and spent most of my life. During my younger times, I was a very passionate outdoorsy, and "different" person. I loved my tent more than I loved my iPod, and I paddled all over Lake Temagami and beyond. I almost never wore shoes as I walked the wilderness of my reserve and homelands. I played hockey with my brother and attempted soccer through my childhood. 

Another thing, I always looked up to my mom and wanted to be a great artist like her. and was passionate about all styles of art with her as my inspiration. She once taught me how to make fringe earrings as a small child in 2006, and then after that- I taught myself more and more as a challenge to catch up to her beadworking ability all on my own. This was before the age of YouTube being a thing, so most of my knowledge came from books, and studying other people's work directly (so yes, I made my dad buy a lot of beaded stuff). In the end, I didn't grow up to be an amazing painter like my mom, nor could I draw or make music and videos as well as my brothers. But my beadwork was considered beautiful and unique.

So I became an artist, just one more like me.

Back in 2019, I started this business as means to support my daughter, Arya "Odemin." When I had her at the age of 17, I had one goal in mind upon looking at her sweet little face each and everyday after that. To live a good life with her and to spend it teaching her the amazing traditions and knowledge of our people. For myself, I had the opportunity to grow up dancing at powwows, singing and drumming with my own drums that my family made, having adventures on the beautiful lake I get to live on, and just overall living a good Teme-Augama Anishnaabe life on my home reserve. There's nothing more I could want than to give that to my Arya Grace. But I didn't have much for myself at that time at the fresh-age of 18, only a decent amount of knowledge, very few beading supplies and a pinch of time to spare. It all started with making 6 fringe earrings to raise money to get supplies to make my daughter's first regalia. In the end, she got her regalia that summer and I got a new idea that grew bigger and bigger right along with her as she did.

I have big dreams of working in healthcare in the future as a PSW and nurse, as well as a great mom, wife and friend to the real precious and deadly people in my life. During that whole process though, I'm more than happy to say I'll be an artist to support my own dream as well as any dreams my daughter and husband come up with in our rather hectic and full life together. 

Here at Odemin's Creeations, I put lots of love into what I do, and I have probably the greatest little assistant with me through every step of the way. We welcome you fully and hope you come to love our Creeations. Greatest thanks to you all, or as we like to say: CHI-MIIGWETCH! 


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