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Questions asked, and answers given


Yes. I am a full-status person of Temagami First Nation. I am Ojibwe/Algonquin and Plains Cree/Sioux. But I was raised in the Ojibwe/Algonquin dominant territory on Lake Temagami, so I'm more experienced and knowledgeable in those practices over my Cree ones. All items on this site are made and sold completely by me currently with plans to include a future collection by my own Arya Grace. She's got to practice a little more first. So far, I plan on dedicating a monthly collection of her favorite's until she begins making her own stuff!


Yes, why yes they can. What people in various Indigenous communities frown upon is the direct capitalization of our traditions and culture by non-Indigenous people. We are not saying that only First Nations people can bead and learn beading. But when you see terms like "Native-Inspired," "Native-Themed," "Native-style," and other similar terms used in a listing, that would suggest cultural appropriation which is when it can be deemed wrong and very inappropriate. Best thing you can do as a non-Indigenous person is purchasing directly from an authentic Indigenous artist or business, which would be giving them SUPPORT. There are plenty of authentic and talented Indigenous artists and businesses out there. They're all over Instagram and other platforms of social media and online, as well as in vendors at markets and powwows. They all have unique styles of work, from traditional styles to contemporary to anything in between. You did find me after all, and no matter your race, gender, anything- you are more than welcome to buy any one of my pieces I offer. 


Very occasionally I do. As an artist, I use my beadwork mostly as a self-expression and typically choose to do more projects from my own heart, spirit and mind. Should you really be very interested in a custom order from me, I recommend following my business on Instagram and/or Facebook to keep an eye out for updates about any potential custom order spots open or coming soon. Please note for custom order work, it is required to make a down payment through a customs listing on my site when they're open. This down payment will be non-refundable after initial consultation and order of your supplies. Please be considerate when placing your order for it should be noted that customized items are often more difficult to resell upon cancellation of your order.


We have a pretty simple policy. Due to the nature of most of my items along with the ongoing COVID regulations, returns and refunds are not available nor are exchanges. This is strictly due to the hygienic aspect, all items are sold as completely new and have been never worn by anyone else. Should you have ANY issues with my work or pieces, you can contact me with the information in the contact bar or find us on social media @Odemins_Creeations. We look forward to hearing from you and providing assistance should you require it, miigwetch.


We don't have a physical store as of yet, but maybe one day. But we are working directly on Lake Temagami, Ontario. So all items are listed in Canadian currency (CAD), and are shipped through Canada Post from Northern Ontario. During the spring to fall, we do travel to some market/vendor events within Ontario. To be sure where to find us in person, follow us on social media for the latest updates!

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