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Odemin's Creeations: So we're even more online now (hopefully)

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Today and yesterday, on Feb. 25th and Feb.26th, 2021, I've attempted the difficult task of making a website for the business. It's gotten really hard with cross-posting my sales across three separate platforms online, it's a lot of editing and updating item posts as they sell and checking my inboxes dozens of times to make sure I don't ever miss anyone. It's like super stressful, and with my severe anxiety I find it even harder to manage because I already spend all day second-guessing every decision I make. I also find myself with a drastic amount of less time to bead throughout my day due to the difficulty of management of my sales. All of this is completely could be already impacting my sales since there's much lower stock available in general. So I'm hoping to resolve most of my issues I have with making my own site, to keep everything contained in one spot instead of 3+. Only marketing and work updates, reposts of customer orders/reviews, giveaways and progress photos will be kept on my other social media sites to keep it easy for my life.

So I'm hoping it'll work well. I'm doing a lot of researching and learning today so that's nice experience. I am confident that things will be MUCH more manageable with a site dedicated to my sales, and I hope to have more time to create again. I'm already on tight time due to being a mother, wife, student, sister, daughter. and auntie so I look forward to see if there are going to be good results from this site. If any of you guys see any issues on this site, like even tiny ones, please tell me. I'll do my best to fix it, I promise this will only get better over time.

- Callie (@odemins_creeations)

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