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Odemin's Huge Success at North Bay Lee Park Powwow!!

Aaniin Boozhoo my good people!

This past weekend, Odemin's Creeations joined in at the lovely powwow hosted in North Bay at Lee Park (June 10-11, 2023). There was a lot of amazing people to meet, other extremally talented vendors to be seen, and tons of fun that was to be had there. Overall, it was an amazing weekend for both me and Arya Grace as our first time doing a Odemin's Creeations vendor this year.

We'd like to first give our gratitude for our community: Temagami First Nation for hosting a family trip, which gave us hotel accommodations for the entire weekend which saved on a lot of travel and time. The workers did an incredible job on getting us and all the other families down there to have a great time, so we truly appreciate the work they had put in for us! Another few people I'd love to give my thanks to are my mother (Crystal Semaganis / Seven Wolves) and brother Tulu for their help in getting me set up when I ran really late Saturday morning and for keeping me in good company for the weekend. Tulu also was my un-official IT support this weekend too which was awesome, he's a talented young man who makes my day a lot easier. I'd like to also acknowledge my dad's help in helping me run around town for a few last minute supplies late Friday night since I needed to get things done and for getting me dinner too since I was just too flustered to do it myself. And finally, my other brother Ethan for watching my daughter's beloved fur homie, Bjorn which made her feel better and relaxed with someone special watching him.

For our major accomplishments this weekend, we'd love to share that we had sold nearly $800 of beadwork, all of it was made by yours truly. Which is honestly incredible - it really moved me and gave me much-needed motivation to continue my journey of creations after a really difficult period of time suffering from a serious decline in mental health and a recent family crisis. It was just crazy for me since I can remember myself feeling highly insecure and inferior about my work only 6 years ago, so it was a life-changing experience for me to engage with TONS of lovely people who absolutely adored my work. Can't lie, I did cry a lot with how much love I had gotten to receive about my work but am happy to share that a good portion of those tears were indeed tears of happiness. The love received is actually a key inspiration for my next soon-to-be-revealed collection!

As for the powwow itself, I am also happy to share that I got to dance for the first time in literal years since I started to struggle with my medical condition. For those of you who don't know me, I suffer from fibrous dysplasia - which is a genetic bone disorder and I have it specifically in my pelvic bone and right hip joint. It really had a major impact on my life for the past three years and I have not danced since the initial onset of my first symptoms which was in 2020. So to be back out there dancing (a little out of beat and breath mind you), was awesome and healing for me. I love dancing, it has always been a major part of my identity as an Indigenous woman and how I connect to my spiritual practice. For the occasion, I had TWO new fancy dresses that I've been stocking up on and both made me feel absolutely beautiful and confident again.

When it wasn't powwow time at Lee Park, me and Arya had taken the chance to be touristy around North Bay. Saturday night was a fun night going to the Splash Pad and even meeting another Aria there which was funny. We then made our way over to the Waterfront to walk the dock together and play (and struggle) at the playground, bumping into some friend and family homies there. After we got back to the hotel, we ordered a nice pizza dinner and rented a movie to celebrate our major success that day. It was a lot of fun just walking around town with my favorite girl and watching her have a blast since she's been a little down lately. Family time is honestly the BEST time in my books, so it was the best way to unwind after hustling at the powwow.

Lee Park was an awesome experience for us here at Odemin's Creeations and we've definitely already confirmed with ourselves to do our best to make it back out there next year. If you didn't get to see us out there, don't worry - we DO have a few more events coming up including: - Keeper's of the Circle - Mill Creek Powwow (North Cobalt - JUNE 21ST) - Summer Market - (Dymond Community Hall, Temiskaming Shores - JUNE 24TH)

- Temagami First Nation - Powwow (Shiningwood Bay - JULY 8-9TH)

So, much love and thanks to you all who came to support me and my girl Ari this past weekend. It was a blast and was a much-needed success to lift our spirits and motivation. We hope to see you guys at our next upcoming events but be sure to still check out our online shop every week for new uploaded products!

Best regards,

Callie <3 Artist & Owner Odemin's Creeations & Tannery

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