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Welcome to Odemin's!

An online store and small fish tannery. Whether you are here for some of my own beaded creeations, or supplies/resources to make your own - we have lots of options when it comes to the rich art of Creeation. 

Support an Indigenously-owned family business that located on the deadly rez of Bear Island (Temagami First Nation), located on Lake Temagami, Ontario! 


Traditional and Modern: Indigenous-Made Beadwork & More!

Here at Odemin's Creeations, lots of work, time and dedication is put into every single one of my items. As a Ojibwe/Algonquin & Plains Cree woman and mother, I find that beadwork and native art is best way for me to support my beautiful ndaanis (daughter), Arya Grace "Odemin" in the path of her Indigenous heritage. Located on Lake Temagami ON, the territory of the Teme-Augama Anishnaabe/Temagami First Nation. 

I hope to win your support with my good customer service and the sheer hard work seen in all my items that I've made with my own two hands. I look forward to releasing many projects and collections to keep you all engaged in my business as it continues to grow along my daughter who I named the business after. Feel free to come visit me and Arya on our social media pages too to see what we have coming for you all! Thank you, or as I love saying "Miigwetch" for all your support this far in my business journey!
- Callie (and Arya Grace!)



Social Media:
Facebook - @ Odemin's Creeations & Tannery
Instagram - @odemins_creeations
TikTok - @odemins_creeations 

General Delivery, Bear Island ON, P0H 1C0

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